Alberta Express Entry Stream (AEES): An Alternative Tool to Increase Your Chances to Permanent Residency in Canada

It is imperative for all candidates who have a registered profile with the Federal Express Entry Pool to be aware of the possible route through which they can diversify application and increase the chances of invitation.

With this, I have prepared these directives to guide you towards a successful application for the Alberta Express Entry program.

Alberta Express Entry Stream (AEES), is a sub-category of the Alberta Immigration Nomination Program (AINP), which is an opportunity for immigrants to work and become permanent residents of the province.

The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada through the AEES allow the province to nominate a selected number of applicants from the Federal Express Entry System to become a permanent resident of Canada. The IRCC permits AINP to choose about 6,000 individuals for permanent residency in 2019.

Therefore, Alberta will, through this opportunity, seek candidates whose profile can immensely contribute towards the advancement of the province.

I wouldn’t want to dwell more on occupation because I believe for you to have an existing profile in the federal pool, then, you must have selected the right occupation code through the NOC.

Anyway, you also have to understand that the province, at its discretionary criteria, will invite applicants whose occupation is required at the time of selection.


Eligibility for Alberta Express Entry Stream

To be eligible for the program, you need to have an active profile within the IRCC portal, and also, you have to receive an invitation from the province before you can apply.
AINP will contact you personally via email notifying you to apply for the Alberta Express Entry stream. Also, these streams under the AINP cannot be interchanged. I.E., an invitation under the Alberta Opportunity Stream, for example, cannot be used to apply for Alberta Express Entry Stream.


Benefits of the AINP program

The advantage of getting a nomination form any of the AINP programs cannot be undermined. It improves your chances to receive an ITA from the Federal Express Entry pool because it presents an additional 600 points to your profile.


How to Apply for the Alberta Express Entry Stream

  1. To apply for the Alberta Express Entry Stream, you have to get an invite from AINP through an email. Do not decide to apply without being invited as such application is null and void.
  2. Understand the terms and conditions of the program – you have received an email request from the AINP, the next step is to go through the program guidelines.This is imperative to avoid subjecting yourself to unnecessary stress, when, in the beginning, you do not have the requirements. AINP reserves the right to alter any of its criteria even without notifying the applicants.
  3. Thoroughly take your time to go through AEES assessment conditions. Like I mentioned earlier, these things vary, so it would do you a lot of good to check the differences in criteria.You also need to note that applying for a nomination to AINP is not an automatic ticket to obtaining a permanent residency visa.
  4. Cross-check the document checklist – when you get an invite through email from the AINP, they will send a comprehensive form and list of documents that you have to provide.
    Kindly ensure you fill-out these forms appropriately. If you are hiring the assistance of experienced counselors in any of the Oman immigration office then, they can guide you towards this process efficiently.
    However, that does not rule out the fact that you should be able to do these things easily if you comply with the instructions.
  5. Send your application package through a registered mail or courier service. Please ensure you send these documents across within 30 days of receiving the invitation. Although original documents are what you need to send, keeping duplicate copies can help for reference purpose.
    All documents should be mailed to the following address:

‘’Alberta Express Entry System, Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, Government of Alberta. Suite 940, ATB Place North Tower; 10025 jasper Avenue; Edmonton, AB Canada T5J 1S6.’’


What happens after you apply?

The AINP is saddled with the responsibility to acknowledge your application within 60 days after it receives it. If there is any misinformation or inadequacy in your forms, then, it will be rejected or reversed.

Also, if you are working with a Canada Immigration Consultant in Muscat, your agent will receive a copy of the email. Therefore, you must use the services of recognized mails or couriers so that you can easily track the delivery.


Changing Applications

Some of these things lead to the disqualification of some profiles in the Federal Express Entry pool. That same applies here too. If there is a change or addition to your profile, such as work permit, email address, or job shift, then you must inform the AINP through these forms.

Do not expect a reply from AINP when you make any update to your previous application. If you’re skeptical about the process, then, you can track or ascertain the status of the delivery through your courier provider.


What are the Selection Criteria for Alberta Express Entry Program?

Like I mentioned earlier, your sole responsibility is to ensure that you carefully check the program rules and requirements after you get a request to apply. It will help you to access yourself before making the proper application firstly.

Nevertheless, below are criteria you have to meet to stand a chance to be selected:

  • Have a valid Federal Express Entry profile registered in the pool
  • Satisfy the eligibility requirements of either of the three Federal Express Entry programs (CEC, FSTP, FSWP)
  • Have a profile that has the right occupation required in Alberta as at the time of selection
  • Be willing to work and live in Alberta
  • Have an existing job that can contribute to Alberta’s economic development
  • Have, at least, a CRS score of 300 in the FEE pool.

Also, your application can stand a higher chance of being considered, if you have;

  • Job offer from an employer in Alberta
  • A prior higher institution study or degree in Alberta
  • A relative who resides in the province as a permanent resident

However, the following could lead to the rejection of your application;

  • You have been previously nominated within any of the AINP streams
  • You got rejection before the recent application. In such, case you have to wait till the specified period of ban expires before you can re-apply (if eligible).

N: B There is no guarantee that all individuals who satisfy the required benchmark will be selected for the program. However, it will do you a whole lot of good to meet the requirements before making an application.


Application Processing for the Alberta Express Entry Program Under the AINP

Processing time differs depending on the type of AINP program stream. But generally, Alberta Express Entry result are announced based on a draw. The draw considers the profile of applicants in the FEE pool and issues an email to the chosen applicant to apply for nomination in the province.

Since its inception in 2018, the AINP, through the Alberta Express Entry Stream has conducted 28 draws and issued about 3,601 nominations so far in 2019. To get more information regarding the draw dates, CRS scores, and other inventories, check here.


After Nomination, What Next?

Great! I must say a huge congratulations to you. You have successfully scaled through the hurdles of multiple profiles in for consideration to work in Alberta.

Getting a nomination from a province signifies that you now have an additional 600 points to your CRS score. Therefore, log in to the Federal Express Entry pool and update your profile with your nomination certificate.

Then, prepare other document and get ready for possible selection in the next federal draw.

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