“Ethical conduct, reliability, and efficient mode of operations; the structure behind a scalable immigration industry.”

Due to its assiduous drive to ensure ethical practice and sanctity in the Omani’s immigration industry, the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) has fully included DM-Consultants on its certified member list.

The certification was issued through the company’s RCIC representing agent and lawyer, Mr. Gurpreet Singh (R-415351), to the founders and managing partners of DM-Consultants, Chetan, and Vidisha Khumbar.

The ICCRC is responsible for monitoring and controlling the practices of registered Canadian immigration consultants according to its guidelines, conduct, and obligations. The government agency also carries out these duties following the provisions of the IRPA Act.

Hence, all companies or organizations that provide Canadian immigration solutions are expected to be certified by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

The company was required to go through various stages of tests and assessment; owing to its performance and results of eligibility checks; the ICCRC found it worthy of being enlisted under its member list, through the company’s representing lawyer, Mr. Gurpreet Singh. The founders expressed satisfaction with the turnout of events.

‘’It has always been our dire expectations to become enlisted in the ICCRC member list. We want to bring excellence and transparency to the immigration practices in Oman. Though we are still new in Oman, our antecedents in other countries have enabled us to withstand the test of time; I’m happy sincerely, and I can assure you that we will continue to toll the path of excellence in delivering our services.” Said, Chetan Khumbar, CEO DM-Consultants.

Agencies who are issued with these certificates are notable for the delivery of trusted services, together with appropriate client representation. All these will promote effective synergy between intending immigrants and their representing companies.

Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of anyone who intends to migrate to Canada to conduct a proper background check to ensure that such Oman immigration office is duly registered with the ICCRC.

Such practice will not only help to restore sanity in the immigration system; it will, as well, aggrandize the level of confidence between immigration consultancies and their respective clients.

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