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Characteristics of its exquisite Islands, about 700 in number, the Caribbean region is made up of about 35 countries. The human population index is about two percent of the area.
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    Caribbean Region

    Characteristics of its exquisite Islands, about 700 in number, the Caribbean region is made up of about 35 countries. The human population index is about two percent of the area. The region is poised with a significant mix of cultures from several continents. The countries that make up this region boost of a stable political structure and most of the states here have a political system that consists mainly of two main parties. While some of these countries are still dependent, some have gained their independence from countries which include France, Haiti Spain, and the United Kingdom which has most of the influence on this region. Today, the area is continually growing, and a lot of economic opportunities are now open for investors in the majority of the country. Investing in these regions and obtaining the citizenship of some of the amazing countries in the Caribbean region is one opportunity most business investors would not want to lose.

    Below are five major countries whose citizenship by investment program would generate amazing business profits and also a citizenship status for investors.


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    Dominica citizenship by investment program

    Dominica has citizenship by investment program that offers business investors a chance to become a permanent resident of these countries by investing in its Economic development program. Here is one of the most profitable countries in the Caribbean region to spend. The program occurs in two tiers; investing about $100000 into the EDB or about $200000 into real estate properties in the country.

    Grenada citizenship by investment program

    just like Dominica, Grenada is another great country in the Caribbean region that offers individuals a chance to obtain a double citizenry through its citizenship by investment program. One of the significant advantages of this program is the E-2 visa program which is an opportunity for investors who have obtained the Grenada citizenship to also establish their business and live in the United States as well. The investment option consists of Real estate investment and investing at least $150000 into the National transformation fund donation (NTFD).

    ST. LUCIA citizenship by investment program

    the ST. LUCIA citizenship by investment program offers business investors who are seeking an opportunity to invest either for themselves alone or together with their family into a great economy. Through its citizenship program, investors can contribute as low as $100000 into ST. Lucia National Economic fund or a minimum of $300000 into their real estate project. It is also pertinent to note that investors can only apply through agents who have been certified by the ST. Lucia government.

    Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program

    Antigua and Barbuda is an Independent English speaking country of the Caribbean region and also part of the United Nations state. It invariably means that Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program provides business investors an opportunity to profit, citizenship, and access to other UN states. The Citizenship by investment unit handles the investment program, and investors do not necessarily need to be present in the country before they can apply. The investment program is categorized into three: Business investment, real estate investment, and investment into the National Development Fund. The NDF requires a minimum sum of $100000, real estate requires a minimum of $400000, and the business investment can either be single investment or joint investment with the former having a minimum of $1.5m.

    St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program

    the country’s citizenship by investment program is currently being rated as the top citizenship by investment program in the Carribean region. With a high regard for its passport, business investors are seriously creating dynamic relationships with this country through its citizenship by investment program. It has no restrictions on double nationality, and its tax rate is favorable for investors. Its investment options are categorized into two: the sustainable growth fund contribution and the real estate investment. Applicants can apply singly or jointly with up to three dependants. To apply for this program, investors have to go through authorized agents as its Citizenship and investment unit will not consider unauthorized applications.

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