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Dominica, established in the early nineties, is widely renowned for its flexible and affordable Dominica economic citizenship by investment program.
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    Dominica citizenship – obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment

    Dominica, established in the early nineties, is widely renowned for its flexible and affordable Dominica economic citizenship by investment program. The government, through this program, allows members of other countries to obtain a second passport and become a citizen of the country.

    The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIBU) of the Dominica government is the body in charge of the applications. To apply, you must have made an investment contribution in either of these two categories:

    1. $100000 in the Economic Diversification Fund project.
    2. Real estate property which is valued at $200000


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    How to apply for Dominica citizenship by investment?

    Regarding Dominica citizenship by investment application, applicants can only file the request through a CBIU certified agent. At DM-Consultant, our team of experts will guide every applicant through the process. There are various stages involved in the application, and they are as follows:

    1. First, hire an authorized agent that will handle the citizenship application processing. The CIBU has a list of approved agents, and these agents, are the only channels through which each application can be submitted.
    2. The next step involves document filing and completion. Applicants, in collaboration with their respective representative, will provide correct details of the application. They will also fill the necessary documents, approved by a notary agent and translated in English.
    3. Verification stage. After the application through the agent, the CIBU will carry out a data check to ensure that all the information provided is correct. An approval/rejection email will be sent to the agent to either approve or reject the application.
    4. The agent will work through the CIBU to forward the request to the government for further scrutiny. During this stage, the agent, on behalf of the applicant, must be available to answer any queries that might arise from the submissions.

    Once the application gets an approval from the government, the CIBU will direct the investor to make the necessary payments, and once these payments are confirmed, the government will issue a certificate to confirm the registration.

    The certificate will act as the proof of Dominica citizenship by investment, and the investor can use this document to obtain the Dominica passport.

    Similarly, if you have questions or clarifications as regards these details, or you want to speak with an expert consultant, kindly contact our Oman immigration office as we are ever glad to offer our assistance.

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