Malta Citizenship

By Investment Program

The business immigration in Malta was established via the citizenship by investment program in 2003 under the Maltese citizenship act.
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    Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

    The business immigration in Malta was established via the citizenship by investment program in 2003 under the Maltese citizenship act. Its main purpose is to invite high profile investors who are of outstanding moral values to obtain the Maltese citizenship status through their investment in the Malta economy.

    Malta is a sovereign commonwealth country, a member of the European Union, Schengen states in 2007, and operates a parliamentary system of government. This program is dynamic, in that it aims at admitting just 1800 high-worth individuals before it closes permanently.

    The benefits of having a Malta citizenship is so enormous; It offers investors the opportunity to have dual citizenship. The Malta economy is a small one in Europe, but interestingly, it is rated the most advanced and stable economy in Europe. Their mix of European and Mediterranean lifestyle makes it a scintillating place of destination.

    Aside from doing business and living permanently with your family in Malta, a Malta passport, enables investors to invest in any European country of their choice without restrictions. Moreover, there is free access to visit about 166 countries.



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    Malta Individual Investment Program (MIIP)

    One of its kind, people through the MIIP, can become a citizen of Malta. Although the citizenship investment program selects certain individuals upon application, the selected applicants have the opportunity to get a dual passport. With this passport, they can work, reside, and even study in any European country of their choice.

    Aside from the above, Malta scrutinizes the profile of each applicant with high efficacy. The application process does not require an interview, and the process will take between six months to two years for completion.

    Requirements for Malta citizenship by investment

    The citizenship by investment program is solely operated under the Malta Individual Investor program (MIIP). It has several provisions which include:

    1. A minimum sum of €650,000 together with a non-refundable application fee of €10,000
    2. Applicants have to reside in Malta for at least five years – either by paying a minimum rent of €16000 annually or be an owner of
    3. a real estate property in Malta that is worth €350,000 and with a minimum of five years validity period.
    4. Applicants must also invest in government stock and bonds for a minimum of five years.
    5. Other fees will be attached if the applicant is applying as a family. €25,000 for the spouse, €55000 for adults above fifty-five
    6. years and €50,000 for children between the ages of 18-25.
    7. Applicants must be 18 years and above
    8. Applicants must exhibit high moral profile and values
    9. Applicants must be medically fit

    Application for Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

    Being a program that requires high profile individuals, the application involves several stages and processes. Our aim at DM-Consultant is to ensure that we guide you through a smooth operation for the investment program by setting up a team of immigration professionals that will handle your application process.

    Our team consists of immigration consultants, legal advisers, and processing experts that will work in unison to ensure speedy, quality, and successful applications.

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