Citizenship by Investment in Turkey – business immigration in Turkey

The Turkish republic through its business immigration initiative introduced Citizenship by investment program in Turkey. The business immigration program will offer foreign investors the opportunity to make a business investment in Turkey and get dual citizenship. The Turkish economy is ranked as the 13th largest by GDP growth in the world, and its main sectors are the automotive industry, home appliances, electronics, banking, construction, food, mining, oil refining, and the machine products industry.

To be eligible for the citizenship program by investment, foreign investors have to either

  • Invest a minimum of $250000 in property
  • Or Invest a minimum of $500000 in the purchase or establishment of a company
  • Or Deposit a minimum amount of $500000 in state investment properties without withdrawal for three years
  • Or Employ a minimum of 50 personnel to a company that is established in the Republic of Turkey

The popular investment choice is the real estate investment where investors purchase immovable properties in Turkey with a minimum amount of $250000.

In summary, we can say that there are four basic categories of the Turkish citizenship program. These are

Turkish citizenship by fixed capital investment

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment

Turkish citizenship through the employment of about 50 employees

Turkish citizenship by investing in Government properties

Please note: The Republic of Turkey does not handle the application for citizenship program; instead it has designated the task to approved agencies who will process the request on behalf of the government.

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