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This is a special visa track that makes it possible for foreign applicants and investors to attain residency in exchange for qualified investments.
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    UK citizenship by investment – Get your UK investor visa in Oman

    Through its citizenship by investment program, the UK government invites foreign investors to a one-time opportunity to acquire a UK investor visa by investing in the United Kingdom. To partake in this program, investors have to contribute a minimum amount to the UK economy – it qualifies you to become a permanent resident of the UK.

    The UK business immigration program is a multifacet program with several options that allow investors to apply for UK citizenship. The extent of your residency will, however, depend on the level of your investment, which implies that investors with the higher investment will have their citizenship processed faster as compared to smaller investors.

    We cannot overemphasize the benefits of investing in the UK; it is a very advanced economy with high-income potential for businesses. They possess quality and free medical services, and with the strength of the UK passport, citizens have access to live and work in any country within Europe.


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    How to get UK citizenship from Oman?

    Investors from Oman who want to know how you can get UK citizenship through the business immigration, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

    • You must be financially buoyant to sustain yourself or family in the UK even without a job
    • You must stay in the UK for at least 50% throughout your residency, or you have to be in
    • the UK for at least six months in a year
    • You must invest at least $200000 in a UK based business
    • Have a solid business plan
    • Invest ¾ of your total investment amount in government stocks, bond or trading capital in UK based companies.

    Once you’ve passed these criteria, you’ll proceed to get your visa, open a bank account in your name or business name as preferred, and get a national insurance number.

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    We at DM-Consultant will help to put you through the different stages of this application. We have assigned a team of UK immigration specialist in Oman who will counsel you and monitor every step of your citizenship by investment application process for maximum results.

    Our UK immigration team will ensure that you have the right knowledge for your business to be well established in the UK, and with our help and support, your processing will be made simple and in compliance with the required regulations. Our operations team will also inform you about any latest update in policies, and synchronize such updates to your application for maximum results.

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