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Through the US residency by Investment Program, the United States aims to attract foreign investors with a high business prospect to establish business investments.
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    Through the US residency by Investment Program, the United States aims to attract foreign investors with a high business prospect to establish business investments that will provide employment to US residents and also boost its economy. The US is the world most powerful country today with a substantial economic and political influence around the world.

    Aside from its favorable economic policies, quality standard of living, technological advancement, and its robust economic growth, it presents an opportunity to foreign investors to reside, live, work, and study in the US. The US residency program is not a guarantee to obtain citizenship or green card; preferably it is a shorter route towards the attainment of green card and citizenship. The visa is valid for two years and can be renewed afterward in which the investor must have stayed in the US for a minimum period of six months within the two years.

    A minimum stay of five years is required, and the green card is a ticket to attain citizenship. However, the benefit of the US residency by investment program is that it speeds up the process of becoming a citizen by naturalization when compared to other immigration programs. There are various programs which investors can opt for when they want to obtain an investor visa and Dm-consultants have a set of competent and experienced immigration consultants together with a team of US certified legal advisers who will guide you through the rigorous and complex US immigration process.


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    The EB-5 investor visa is issued to US immigrants who wish to reside in the US together with their spouse or children who are under 21 years. The participation will, in turn, offer a boost to the economy and also attract quality foreign investors. One of the eligibility requirements for this program as an investor is that you have to show proofs of your legal source of income. Two investment options are available under this category;

    Commercial Enterprise

    The commercial Enterprise option requires the applicant to make an investment of at least $1,000,000 in a new business, or invest $500,000 in the development of a new industry in a specified area, and the investor must be assiduously involved in the running of the company.

    Regional center

    The regional center category requires an investment of at least $500,000 in real estate or business venture in a particular region of the United States.

    What are the benefits of the EB-5 investment program?

    Education and language proficiency is not a priority

    Investors do not need to have an earlier experience or compulsorily reside where they have their investment.

    The source of funds does not necessarily need to be deposited in cash; it can be in the form of business ownership, legal enterprise or as a gift

    The program covers your family dependents under the age of 21.

    E1 and E2 Visa Program

    E-1 treaty investor visa

    The E-1 treaty investor visa is issued to foreign individuals who have an active trade with the United States of government. Such business, however, must have a higher percentage of the applicants’ international trade and should provide employment opportunity for people living in the US.

    E-2 investor visa

    The E-2 investor visa is quite similar to the E-1, but the only difference is that the E-2 is issued to investors who are major shareholders of their investment in the US.

    The process to apply for this in Oman is as follows;

    1. First, you need to sign up for the program
    2. Get a list of documents
    3. Provision of the fill business plan by an attorney
    4. Open an escrow account for fund transfer
    5. Establish the business deal
    6. Like an application to USIS which should take about one month for approval
    7. Attend a visa interview in Oman and finally procurement of the E-1/E-2 investor visa.

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