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Cyprus investment program is one of the immigration initiatives of the government of Cyprus purposely to develop the country’s economy.
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    Golden Visa Cyprus

    Become a Cyprus citizen through its golden visa program. A minimum investment of €350,000 or €2,000,000 can make you a permanent resident. Get a Cypriot passport via citizenship by investment in Cyprus!

    An overview of the citizenship by investment immigration program in Cyprus

    Cyprus investment program is one of the immigration initiatives of the government of Cyprus purposely to develop the country’s economy through business investment from foreign investors. The program offers qualified investors a Cyprus Golden visa. The program takes place in two categories:

    1. Real estate investment – this provides an opportunity to permanent residency for Cyprus golden visa holders.
    2. Cyprus citizenship by investment – this is a direct route for applicants to obtain a Cypriot passport that bestows citizenship right to the investor.

    Nevertheless, recent changes were made to the golden visa program in Cyprus, because the European Union met together and came to a conclusion that the applicant’s source of wealth should be adequately scrutinized, and that the program should confer more benefit to the government.

    Now, there are some additional requirements to the program, and the time taken to process the golden visa has been increased from 3 to 6 months. However, it stands out as the best Europe golden visa program for foreign investors from Oman since investors do not have to reside in the country physically, and the process is highly efficient.

    Being a part of the European Union member countries, successful applicants will visit other EU member states without a visa. The same applies to Schengen states. In other words, successful investors can choose to live, work, or study in any of the Schengen zones.


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    Another commendable attribute of the program is that Cyprus has a low tax rate on investment, and the government implements fiscal policies that encourage commercial and economic development.

    There are other benefits of investing in Cyprus – English is the primary language of communication, Advanced educational institutions with world-class facilities which are affiliates to top UK colleges and universities. Besides, it is ranked as the fifth safest place to live in the world (Global Peace index of 2018)

    Cyprus Visa Requirements from Oman (2019 Citizenship by investment)

    Resulting in the recent changes as regards the program requirements, applicants, under the Cyprus golden visa program, have to invest the least amount of €2,000,000.

    As an investor, you can choose to file a personal application or apply under a firm or businesses enterprise, of which, you happen to be a major shareholder. Reputable immigration office in Muscat can also guide you on how you can obtain the following requirements for the Cyprus citizenship by investment program:

    1. A minimum donation of EUR 75,000 to a research-based institute approved by the Cyprus government. Similarly, a separate contribution of EUR 75,000 towards land development in Cyprus;
    2. A one-time investment of €2 million to construct or buy real estate properties;
    3. In cases where the investor does not choose a real estate, then, he or she should be willing to make the same amount of investment (€2 million) in establishing businesses or companies that will employ individuals who are residents of Cyprus;
    4. Prospective investors can also choose to invest the same amount of €2million in purchasing government stocks or bonds, approved by the securities and exchange commission;
    5. Merge either of the options above having in mind that the first requirement is compulsory irrespective of the other choices;
    6. Investors must ensure they have a permanent place of residence in Cyprus. It will cost about €500,000, but the advantage here is that the money can be subtracted from the minimum amount required for real estate investment.

    How to get Cyprus visa from Oman through the 2019 citizenship by investment program

    Due to the recent development in the program, the application for Cyprus golden visa from Oman has taken a different swipe. Therefore, applicants need to equip themselves with the right information properly. It has been substantiated earlier that the time to process the application is now 6 – 8 months compared to the previous 3 to 6 months.

    You can make your application via the Cypriot government immigration portal, or employ the services of expert European visa consultants in Oman.

    Whichever way you choose, the government continually ensure that it makes the application less tedious for willing investors. However, DM-Consultants is grossly committed to equipping prospective immigrants with the right information, guiding them through their cases, and also, ensuring that they have the requirements for the Cyprus citizenship by investment program.

    The first step towards an excellent application is to conduct a thorough and ethical consultation with the applicant; here, we shall ask relevant questions regarding the applicant’s background and source of funds. Afterward, our golden visa lawyers will provide the client with the best choice of investment, putting into consideration the risk factors and benefits.

    Once the application begins, our lawyers shall also follow-up with the immigration authorities in Cyprus to ensure that the case is represented correctly, with high efficacy in correspondence to the applicant, and at the end, a fruitful application for the investor.

    It is also important to note that, although the application can last up to 8 months, successful investors assume the rights of a citizen of Cyprus immediately the application receives approval from the relevant authorities. One of the factors why it is perceived as the fastest means of getting a second passport in Europe.

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