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As part of the government plan to implement immigration programs that will contribute to the development of the country’s economy.
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    Golden Visa Greece

    Greece Immigration: discover the advantage of having a Greece golden visa from Oman, A free-access trip to any of the Schengen or EU states with as low as €250,000. investment.

    An introduction to the Greece Golden Visa program

    As part of the government plan to implement immigration programs that will contribute to the development of the country’s economy, it introduced the Greece golden visa immigration program. The program will also offer qualified investors a Greece passport or a permanent residency depending on the category of investment. Non-EU citizens can capitalize on this golden opportunity to actualize their dreams of owning a property, and also, permanent residency in Greece.

    It requires a minimum investment of $250,000 in any of the real estate properties within the country. Nevertheless, the Greece golden visa has a high competition rate globally because it offers residency within a space of three months. Moreover, the investment and application cost is low, and it affords residency benefits to the investors’ family.

    Greece golden visa investors are eligible for a no-visa trip to any of the Schengen countries and spend up to 3 months. Besides, investors’ residency in the country is insured, should there be any event of mishaps or unprecedented situations in their home country. Also, permanent residents are now eligible to file applications for citizenship in Greece.


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    Greece is a perfect choice for resettlement and investment in Europe. The immigration process is very flexible, and it has ties with other nations in Europe, making it easier for residents to migrate with fewer restrictions.

    By partaking in the Greece golden visa program, families of investors can live in the country also as permanent residents and enjoy the medical facilities and quality education in the country. Tourists even choose to visit Greece because of its rich culture, conducive climate, and so many fascinating landscapes to behold.

    What are the Advantages of being a Greece Golden Visa holder?

    1. Aside from the principal applicant, children below 24 years, spouse, and parents of the investor are eligible to the same right and benefit;
    2. The application process is straightforward and does not consume so much time;
    3. Investors qualify to become a citizen of Europe after residency for some years in Greece;
    4. Visit any of the EU or Schengen countries with fewer limitations;
    5. Get your family members to become permanent residents of the country;
    6. Dual citizenship as a result of the Greece passport which you get after living in the country for seven years;
    7. Access to exceptional health care facilities with a thriving economy for business and commercial growth

    Who are qualified to apply for the Greece Golden Visa?

    The application is open to single or joint individuals who are willing to make the required investment amount. It will also cater for their families, including children who are 24 years and above. Nevertheless, it requires a 5-year renewal by the principal investor, who shall also present the title deeds of the property during renewal to the relevant immigration authorities.

    What are the Necessary Documents for the Greece Golden Visa program?

    1. Valid travel passport;
    2. Passport-sized photo (colored background only);
    3. Scanned documents for the purchase of the real estate properties. Also, the contracts between the government and the investor, which fully displays the price of the property;
    4. A scanned copy of the certificate of transfer issued by the land registry;
    5. Permanent residency permit application, which is about €2,000 per adult applicant;
    6. Applicants who plan to bring their spouse along has to provide a legal marriage certificate together with a stamped APOSTILLE. All Documents should have the appropriate translations where necessary;
    7. Attestation of documents by the principal applicant, and an application for permanent residency through the office of an attorney.

    Greece Immigration: Dual passport by Investment

    Through the Greece golden visa program, successful investors have the opportunity to become a citizen of Greece. To achieve this, though, they have to live in the country for seven years. Fortunately, the country does not frown at a dual passport.

    The program cost and Application Processing

    It can delay for about three months to receive a result regarding the application. However, applicants can visit the country via a Schengen visit visa to select the appropriate real estate property that they want to purchase and get more information about the cost.

    Afterward, the respective applicant will pay for the property and sign the necessary agreements with the government authorities. Upon completion of the purchase, the next step is to proceed with the application for the program through licensed visa consultants and lawyers in Oman.

    Nevertheless, our lawyers are available to take-up the process on your behalf, make the necessary consultations, and present the best choice of investment to you.

    You must have at least $250,000 to purchase any of the real estate properties, or you can as well use the same amount to either buy two or more properties altogether.

    • Contract signing fees

    Transfer of title deeds: – properties that were licensed before 31/12/2005 gets a 3.09% additional fee while those that were granted after 31/12/2005, will require a VAT charge of 24.%.

    Other cost includes notary fees (1.5%), Lawyer’s charges (1.24%), and title deed registration (0.5%).

    However, at DM-Consultants immigration office in Muscat, we have a team of legal consultants who are specialized in the Europe business immigration programs. Their expertise will help to represent your case and ensure that you make the right choice of investment.

    For inquiries about these services, do not hesitate to reach out to our Greece Golden Visa Lawyers today for free!

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