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The citizenship by investment immigration program in Malta was passed into law in 2015 following the adjustment to the Act.
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    Golden Visa Malta

    Malta Citizenship by Investment – Investors from Oman can secure a Malta passport with an investment as low as €250,000 in real estate properties. Get a comprehensive information about the MIIP program, Maltese Visa requirements and benefits to applicants and their families.

    The citizenship by investment immigration program in Malta was passed into law in 2015 following the adjustment to the Act. Cap 218 of the Malta immigration laws. The adjustment was made to accommodate high profile investors into the Malta economy. Sequence to this, the government set aside various investment programs for foreign applicants with exceptional qualities. In return, the investor will get a Malta passport, signifying their Naturalization as a citizen of the country.

    An amount not less than €30,000 will be paid to the Maltese government, while the investor will also buy a real estate property in Malta or via Maltese government bonds with a worth not less than €250,000.

    Investors who successfully obtain a Malta Golden visa are eligible to reside in Malta as permanent residents. However, after a few years of investment, the investor then becomes eligible for Maltese citizenship. Moreover, Malta Golden visa holders can conveniently sponsor their families or relatives to the country.

    The fact that Malta is a member state of the EU and Schengen zone implies that successful applicants can visit or decide to work in member countries according to the EU and Schengen agreement. Malta is a country where there are lots of cultural heritage. Due to its history of colonialism, the Mediterranean and European lifestyle are quite dominant in the country. Founded on the island, Malta has a lot of fantastic and serene landscape that attracts the tourist’s eyes.

    Investors have to apply through a licensed Malta immigration lawyer who will act as a representative to the appropriate visa bodies in Malta. You can also read on how to migrate to Australia from Oman.


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    Residency or Citizenship by investment in Malta: What are the Requirements?

    1. Financial documents to support the fact that such applicant has a major savings of at least €500,000 or has an annual income of €100,000 minimum;
    2. A police certificate to clear the applicant of any criminal record;
    3. Europe health insurance;
    4. The least donation of €30,000 to the Maltese government. The amount is divided into two phases; €5,000 initial price while applying, and €25,000 after a successful application. Aside from that, the attached dependent will attract an additional cost of €5,000 each
    5. According to the Malta citizenship by investment provisions, the principal applicant will buy or lease an immovable real estate property in Malta, which will amount to a cost of €320,000 or more. Alternatively, he can as well, pay €12,000 monthly for a leased property.
    6. The investment must follow the legal regulations of Identity Malta and should last up to 5 years

    Malta Citizenship by Investment: Program benefits

    1. Permanent Residency in the country
    2. Ability to travel to any European or Schengen countries and stay for 90 days out of 180 days within a year
    3. The freedom to also explore other business opportunities in other European countries
    4. A step towards a Maltese passport
    5. Ability to sponsor family and relatives to Malta
    6. A Mediterranean country with different Europe and Mediterranean lifestyle on the island

    Getting a Maltese passport: How Can I apply for the Malta Citizenship by Investment

    The body that oversees the application for the golden visa in Malta is the Malta Individual Investor Program, and all forms must come through an approved Malta Immigration lawyer. The cost is €5,000 (apart from the lawyer fees). In addition to this is the €30,000 that you will require to donate to the government upon successful processing.

    DM-Consultant’s Oman Immigration office has an elaborate team of lawyers and immigration experts who have stacks of experience in the Europe golden visa applications. The benefit of working with these MIIP certified lawyers is that they have specialized law firms strictly dedicated to immigration cases, and they will proffer substantial advice regarding tax policies in these countries.

    Similarly, they will also help you with applications regarding permanent residency by investment in Malta, Portugal golden visa programs, Greece, and the several skilled immigration programs in North America and Australia. Every immigration step starts with appropriate counseling, whereby the prospective applicant shall be assessed to ensure that they meet the requirements.

    Maltese Passport: A guarantee to explore the Schengen zone for free!

    There are 26 European countries that make up the Schengen zone. These countries have reached a compromise to permit their citizens or legal residents to visit each state without the need to apply for a visa. The total human population in the Schengen zone is about 400 million to a land size of 4,312,099 square kilometers.

    As a result of this, Malta residents and citizens can study, work, or do business within the zone. Nonetheless, it only applies to short visits (90 out of 180 days in a year). Extended visits will require a permit. Some of the Schengen member countries include Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Netherlands, Norway, Latvia, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, speeding, and Switzerland.

    Who can apply for Malta Golden Visa?

    Anyone who meets the requirements and is:

    1. A foreign National from non-EU countries
    2. Up to 18 years

    Eligible members of the applicant’s family include:

    1. Legitimate spouse
    2. First degree or adopted children of the principal investor
    3. Children of the applicant who are not yet married and still dependents on their parents
    4. Grandparents who are also dependent on the leading investor

    You are just a step closer to your dream of having a second passport. Kindly book an appointment with our Golden Visa lawyers and consultants for a free consultation regarding your Malta citizenship by investment plans and other immigration programs from Oman.

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