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Australia is one distinct country that stands on its own and also consists of the mainland, the islands and lots of little islands.
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    Australia is one distinct country that stands on its own and also consists of the mainland, the islands and lots of little islands. It has a population of about 25million people with great urban and economic activities. Canberra is the country’s capital. The state has a landmass of approximately 7,617,930 square kilometers with vast diversity. Today Australia has become the dream destination of immigrants all over the world including Oman, and this, however, is connected to the tremendous economic and social development of Australia.

    Currently, the Australian economy is ranked the 13th largest in the world, and its primary source of income is mining, banking, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Just like its peers, Australia boast of a good quality of life, human and social development, and a reliable educational system. The country is also among the states with low poverty level and a high Gross Domestic Product per capita. These reasons and more have made the rate of immigration into Australia high and DM-Consultant through its top record of expertise and experience in immigration to Australia, is here to help citizens of Oman to achieve their quest of migrating to this great country.


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    Australian traveling processing will require some set of stages, and it is vital to understand these stages and choose the right one that suits your needs as an immigrant. DM-Consultant has certified agents that will help you acquire first-hand information about the Australia immigration program from Oman, and will put you through all the processes of application. The procedure will begin with a counseling session where you’ll be advised on the best step to follow. Once this is completed, we’ll provide you with all the necessary documents and information that will ensure that you achieve your desired result of Visa approval. However, it is pertinent to let you know that our processes are transparent, straight to point with a high success rate.


    This program is basically for skilled workers who are looking to obtain a permanent visa to work in Australia. The visa under this program is categorized into five subclasses which require different score points. However, our experts in Oman are readily available to put you through a hitch-free free application.


    • Skilled independent 189: skilled workers who do not have sponsorship from anyone, country or organization, fall under this class.
    • Skilled nominated 190: this is for workers who have a nomination from the Australian state.
    • Graduate temporary 485: students who have completed a minimum of 2 years degree study in the country can apply under this category for a visa to work for a period of 18months to 4years.
    • Skilled Nominated Provisional 489: under this category, territory or state nominates a skilled worker and grant them the visa to live and work in an area where growth is required.
    • Skilled Regional 887: this is done legally without the use of points; it permits the qualified candidates to reside in Australia legally.

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