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The Quebec provincial program is also an immigration initiative of the government of Canada aimed at inviting skilled workers that will deploy their savvy and experience towards the development of the country. However, the Quebec provincial program is different in that the province has been permitted by the government to use its criteria towards the selection of skilled immigrants. Therefore, Quebec has permission to invite skilled foreign immigrants who are willing to live or settle permanently within the territory.

Quebec is among the thirteen notable territories/provinces in Canada. It is bordered by Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia to the west, north, east, and south respectively. Quebec is the biggest region in Canada in terms of landmass, and also, the most famous in the country after Ontario.
Before the development of immigration, the principal language in the territory was French. Today, there is a mix of English and French-speaking individuals in the region – a reason why skilled immigrants who display a high level of fluency in both languages are at a more significant advantage of being selected for the program.

Before we proceed to the eligibility and requirements for the program, there are two steps toward the application for the Quebec skilled worker program.
First, apply to the provinces’ government to request an assessment. Upon successful evaluation, the government will issue a Certificate de sélection du Quebec (A Quebec Selection Certificate QSC), which is evidence to the Canadian government that your expertise is needed in the province.
The second step is to apply to the IRCC for a permanent residency permit.

Eligibility for the Skilled Quebec Immigration Program

To be qualified to apply for this program, you must be:

  • A skilled worker whose occupation is under the NOC
  • Have an educational credential assessment with a recognized third party in Canada
  • Apply for a permanent residency in Canada
  • Have a QSC certificate issued by the province of Quebec
  • Other documents and requirements that you need to provide are the same as that of the skilled immigration to Canada from Oman

How to Apply for Immigration to Quebec From Canada?

The application for the skilled worker program in Quebec takes place in three stages:

  • The first is to get the necessary application forms, which usually include a direction on how to fill them appropriately. Afterward, you need to sign the forms. You have to ensure that you fill these forms correctly because a mistake can hurt the success of the application. Applicants can also seek the expertise of our consultants at our Canadian immigration office Muscat.
  • Next step is to submit the application and proceed to pay the application fees (1040 CAD). The charges include the operations fees, biometric, and fees for other attached dependent to your application.
  • Besides, it is best to process your application online as it receives a faster response, and also, to avoid contingencies due to transferring papers from one agency to another. Please bear in mind that when you want to submit your application, you must send it directly to IRCC Canada for assessment.

The time for a complete process takes up to 17 months. However, it can be shorter for individuals who have already applied for the Express Entry program as it can be done simultaneously.

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Other actions that you need to take after sending your applications are;

  • i. Biometric capturing (you will be informed about this if selected)
  • ii. Medical test
  • iii. Police clearance certificate
  • iv. Proof of financial capability through concrete bank statements

During this period, you also need to update your file if there are changes or new development to your profile. Very important!

What are the Causes of Delays in Application Processing?

Even if you are eligible for the program, some situations can lead to the delay of your application. Cases such as:

  • – Lack of correlation information
  • – Detection of criminal or security threat
  • – Extended background check due to unclear information
  • – Incomplete documentation
  • – Interview if the need arises (you’ll be informed about this though)
  • – Poor update of the information

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