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A country with one of the best economies in the world – it gives visitors many opportunities to explore and gain maximum experience.
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    With a visit visa issued by the government of New Zealand, citizens from any part of the world, including Oman, can explore the breathtaking environment New Zealand offers. A country with one of the best economies in the world – it gives visitors many opportunities to explore and gain maximum experience. Visiting New Zealand is an experience no one could afford to miss, and the application process also varies according to the class of visa.

    Therefore, if there are plans to visit for a holiday, business, tourist, or to visit your relatives in New Zealand temporarily, Dm-Consultant is here to offer the best Visa consulting services in Oman. We are a world-class renowned immigration consulting company with a team of motivated young professionals who are keen on developing a smooth and risk-free visa procurement for our clients all over the world.

    The following are the available visa options that you can explore as an intending visitor


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    Visitor visa

    Visitor visa is mainly for individuals who want to visit New Zealand for a short period, and you’ll have to prove that you’re financially capable of sustaining yourself during your period of visit. This visa permits you to stay up to nine months.

    Visa waiver visitor visa

    The Waiver visa is for citizens of visa waiver countries who plan to visit New Zealand for a period below three months. However, applicants who are UK Citizens can stay up to 6 months with this visa.

    Group visitors visa

    If your purpose of visiting New Zealand requires you to travel as a group, then this category of visa is the right choice. However, this visa permits your group to stay in New Zealand for just one month.

    Occupational registration visitors visa

    The Visa is issued to visitors who intend to visit New Zealand or is already in the country but wants to get their occupation registered. Visitors mostly use the option for business purposes, and you can stay up to three months with this visa.

    However, if you need assistance or more information regarding this visit visa class, kindly contact us Dm-Consultant Immigration office at Oman to speak with our expert New Zealand Visa agents.

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