“Accountability, one-point contact, and competency- an emblem of reliability and progressiveness in immigration practices and ethics in the UAE.”

Being a pacesetter in the movement of enhancing openness and accountability in the immigration practices in Qatar, DM-Consultants has been added to Qatar’s member list of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

The enlistment of DM-Consultants was made public under the names of the company founders-Chetan and Vidisha Kumbhar, through Mr. Gurpreet Singh Matta (R-415351) who is a ICCRC regulated Canadian immigration consultant, and also the company representing lawyer.

ICCRC is a government regulatory agency that protects the public from fraudulent and other related unlawful activities by supervising the operations of immigration bodies, citizenship consultants, and foreign student representatives.

ICCRC operates under the laws contained in the IPRA Act, which authorize all bodies offering immigration services to be registered, evaluated, and certified based on the agencies’ rules and obligations.

As the company has undergone all the necessary eligibility test and passed, it has been approved to receive the esteemed representation at the ICCRC level. The founders were highly delighted when they got the certificate from Mr. Gurpreet, the RCIC agent.

“We are consistent to ensuring that we provide the best immigration consultancy services for people living in the UAE. Our purpose while entering into Qatar, was to redefine the preexisting state of affairs of Immigration services in the country. I am pleased that we are getting closer to this goal daily, and this certification is just a step ahead.” Said Chetan Kumbhar, CEO and founding partner, DM-Consultants.

ICCRC certification represents trust and professionalism for the Canadian immigration agency that receives it. It guarantees effective transfer of accurate information, quality representation of the applicant’s profile, and also enhances trust between intending migrants and their representing consultancies.

“The immigration market in the country is very vulnerable, as there are bound to be several setbacks and false alarms, particularly from faceless competitors. But the most important thing is keeping to our promise of delivering trusted, accountable, and first-class services to the residents of Qatar.” Said Vidisha Kumbhar, founding partner DM-Consultants, after receiving the company’s certificate.

Before starting on any immigration process, intending migrants must watch out for company certification and representation since there are numerous immigration consultants in Qatar.

This will not only help deter the threat of immigration fraud but will also support the direct representation of the candidate’s case from trusted immigration lawyers.

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