About Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

If you seek permanent residency in Prince Edward Island (PEI), one pathway is to be nominated to the federal government through the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. As a trusted Canada Immigration Consultant from Oman, DM Consultant can help you move to Canada through PEI PNP. Schedule a FREE consultation today by getting in touch with us.

Candidates are selected for provincial nomination based on their intention to live and work on the Island and their financial ability to establish themselves here. Currently, priority is given to entrepreneurs and individuals qualified to work in areas with identified skill shortages in the PEI labour market. Prince Edward Island immigration authorities prioritise investors and skilled persons qualified to work in areas to fill gaps in the labour market.

The nomination selection by PEI authorities depends on the applicant’s intention to live and work in the province and boost its economy. So get ready to study, work and settle in PEI by applying for Canada Permanent Residence through Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. The Island’s government works with IRCC to invite new immigrants to work and settle in the province with PEI PNP.

Many foreigners who wish to migrate to Canada from Oman choose Prince Edward Island due to the variety of job vacancies, quality education, better healthcare, and good lifestyle.

Key Features of Prince Edward Island PNP

Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in Canada, is renowned for its lush farmland and beautiful coasts. The economy of Prince Edward Island banks on agriculture, fishing, and tourism.

The Island is considered safe and has less population. The cost of living is more affordable than in other Eastern provinces, and ample resources and jobs are available. In addition, Prince Edward Island offers a high-quality lifestyle with lower crime rates and enough scope for recreational activities. The third quarter of 2021 saw international immigration rebound from pandemic border restrictions, as 1,068 immigrants  entered the province during that quarter. Immigration has remained strong since then, with an average of 855 immigrants arriving per quarter over the last 5 quarters.

The Atlantic province granted 165 invitations via Express Entry, Labour Impact, and Business Impact as one of the most sought for 2022 Canada PNP draws. The Island receives more nominations for skilled workers when compared to other provinces.

If you plan to Migrate to Canada from Oman through Prince Edward Island Nominee Program, contact our ICCRC-Registered Canada Consultants to assist you in completing your migration process.

Choose PEI Immigration Category

There usually are three categories to choose from if you want to migrate to Prince Edward Island from Oman through Provincial Nominee Programs:

Express Entry

It is for candidates with a valid Express Entry profile who want to settle in Prince Edward Island and have the required skills to meet the province's labour market needs.

Labour Impact

The program is for skilled workers and international graduates with the skills and expertise required in PEI's labour market. This category has three streams:

  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • Critical Worker Stream
  • International Graduate Stream

The Business Impact

This stream is for people who want to invest in a business on the Island. It allows you to reside in PEI on a work permit to learn about the industry you invest in before receiving a provincial nomination.

Eligibility Criteria for Prince Edward Island PNP

To apply for the Prince Edward Island PNP, you must fulfil specific eligibility requirements depending on the immigration category.

Express Entry

  • Individuals interested in living and working on Prince Edward Island
  • Relevant skills and knowledge to meet the labour shortages on the Island.
  • Basic understanding of English or French

Labour Impact

  • For Skilled Worker Stream in Labour Impact, an applicant must have a permanent job offer from a registered employer in PE Island.
  • For Critical Worker Stream, applicants must get sponsorship from their PEI employer.
  • For International Graduate Stream, the candidates must complete their education in any of the recognised Canadian universities and an offer letter from PE Island Employer.

Business Impact

  • Individuals interested in investing in Prince Edward Island
  • An asset with a minimum net worth of $600,000
  • Basic knowledge of English and French
  • Willing to immigrate to PE Island on a work permit

Atlantic Immigration Program

AIP is for four Atlantic Provinces to hire foreign workers to occupy jobs in the Prince Edward Island region.

Documents Required for Prince Edward Island Nominee Program

The below-mentioned documents are required to apply for Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program:

  • Original passport copy
  • Birth certificate of the principal applicant
  • Certificate of Marriage or divorce (if available)
  • Birth certificate of Children (if you’re applying with dependents)
  • Travel history
  • Language proficiency test results
  • Educational Certificate Assessment
  • Complete work history
  • Reference letter from previous employers mentioning your skills and experience
  • Employment contract with a registered PEI company and LMIA

Contact DM Immigration consultants in Oman to receive a complete checklist of the documents essential to register for the PEI PNP.

Application Process for Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program?

PEI Canada provincial nominee program operates through an Expression of Interest system. Interested applicants must create an online profile and will be ranked based on human capital and adaptability factors. The immigration authorities will invite only the highest-ranked people to apply.

  • Know the eligibility requirements of different streams to apply for the PEI PNP program.
  • If you meet the requirements, submit your profile in the Expression of System system.
  • Provide your passport details, identification, education, work experience, and contact details.
  • Select a stream of your choice and submit the profile for review.
  • If your profile gets selected, you will get an Invitation to Apply.
  • You have 60 days to apply for PEI provincial nomination program by giving all the supporting documents and paying the processing fees.
  • Submit your Canada PR Application to IRCC after getting nominated by the province.
  • Enter Canada and visit an immigration office with the confirmation of permanent residence.
  • Acquire Permanent Residence in Canada and enjoy a quality lifestyle on PE Island.

Do you require guidance in applying for the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program? Call DM Consultant, the best Canada Consultancy in Oman.

How can DM Consultant help you in applying for PEI PNP?

DM Consultant is Oman’s trusted immigration and visa agent. We have assisted clients in realising their dreams of migrating to another country by providing the following:

A complete checklist of documents needed for the application

  • Assistance in getting Educational Certificate Assessment from verified authorities
  • Help in completing the application
  • Support in making an impressive profile in the Canada Express Entry pool

Book a Free Consultation today with our experienced Canada immigration consultant from Oman to start the Prince Edward PNP Programs application.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

The requirements of different streams vary to attract applicants. A candidate can be eligible for more than one stream, but PEI will only issue one nomination per applicant, so you must decide which stream best fits your situation. You may include yourself, your spouse, and any dependent children (i.e. under 19 years of age). You may not have any other family members, such as siblings, parents, or grandparents.
You must qualify for the Express Entry pool to get a nomination through the PEI Express Entry stream. Nomination from the province ensures Canada Permanent Residence visa from Oman is processed quickly. Submit enquiries to Canada Express Entry in an email with the file number in the subject line after 60 calendar days of applying to the Office. For more information, contact DM Consultant.
Prince Edward Island is considered safe and has less population, and the cost of living is more affordable than in other Eastern provinces, and ample resources and jobs are available. In addition, PEI offers a high-quality lifestyle with lower crime rates and enough scope for recreational activities. Canada allows dual citizenship for immigrants, so there can be no need to surrender your nationality.
Prince Edward Island PNP program applicants must have a job offer under the skilled worker stream. Agriculture, fishing, and tourism are essential industries on Prince Edward Island. The manufacturing sector mainly consists of food processing, and the province also gives more importance to high-tech industries like medicine, electronics, and agriculture.
Hiring an immigration consultant is not mandatory, but having the support of a registered immigration agent can make the immigration process more straightforward with 100% results. Before starting the process, applicants must check their eligibility for PR application in Canada. DM Immigration Consultants in Oman shares a FREE Eligibility Check for applicants who wish to migrate to Canada from Oman. Also, know your eligibility to enrol for the PEI PNP!


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