Overview of Australia Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 482)

Are you planning to work in Australia? You can apply for Australia Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 482), a pathway for Australia PR. If you want Australian immigration from Oman and seek professional expertise in the application process? Don’t look any further; contact DM Immigration Consultants for the Australia Temporary Work Visa application procedure.

This temporary work visa enables an employer to sponsor an adequately skilled worker to fill a position. The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs invites many foreign workers annually under the skilled immigration program to fill the gaps in the labour market due to the meagre unemployment rate.

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Top Reasons to work in Australia

Australia is a well-developed country with a robust economy and features in the top five on the Human Development Index. It offers better healthcare facilities, lifestyle, and higher salaries and protects political rights and civil liberties. Foreign professionals are exposed to many job opportunities in an excellent working environment with increased wages.

Australia is a multicultural society with efficient healthcare. Boasted by these reasons, Australia ranks among the most popular destinations for immigrants. So, if you have the needed skills to work in Australia under Subclass 482 Visa, contact DM Immigration consultants in Oman. Our company can help you in migrating to Australia. You can avail of the following benefits on an Australia Temporary Work Visa:

  • Work in Australia for a limited time
  • Travel within and outside Australia
  • If eligible, apply for permanent residence

Choose 482 Australia Visa Streams

The 482 subclass of skilled Australian immigration is a temporary visa, also known as a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, that enables skilled professionals to work for up to four years in Australia if an approved employer sponsors them. It is a pathway to apply for Permanent Residence in Australia. You can become eligible for a 482 Australia visa only if you have a sponsor that nominated you for the visa. Your sponsor must provide evidence of a genuine need to fill that position with an overseas worker. Your professional skills or work experience must be relevant to the vacancy. When you apply for Australia 482 visa, you have to select which stream is more suitable for you:

Short-term stream

On this visa in Australia, you can work for up to two to four years if an International Trade Obligation applies. The occupation is on the short-term skilled occupations list (STSOL). Short-Term 482 Visa Holders can lodge a second onshore renewal.

Medium-term stream

This visa type will permit you to work for up to four years in Australia or up to 5 years for a Hong Kong passport holder. Your occupation can be on the Regional Occupation List or the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. The visa holder is free to travel in and out of Australia while the visa is valid. If eligible, apply for permanent residence.

Labour agreement stream

Your sponsor needs to be part of the labour agreement representing an accord between Australian employers and the government that allows businesses to bring workers to Australia. This work permit 482 Australia visa is issued only to people who visit Australia to work temporarily. Applicants must show a valid passport from their native country and a visa to enter Australia.

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Eligibility Criteria for Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

For Australian Skilled Immigration, a passport is a must from one of the eligible countries. To be eligible, you should also meet the salary requirements and have an occupation on the list. The general requirements to apply for TSS Visa in Australia are:

  • Job nomination from an eligible employer
  • Employed in your nominated profile and worked for your
  • nominator
  • For short-term, your company nominated you for a vacancy
  • in the short-term occupation list
  • For the medium term, your nomination must be in the
  • medium-skilled occupation list
  • The Labour agreement between the Government of
  • Australia and your sponsor must include your occupation.
  • Your sponsor must be part of labour agreements.

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Documents Required for Australia Temporary Work Visa

Following is the document checklist for applying for an Australia Temporary Work Visa.

  • A copy of a valid passport and Identification details
  • Required experience and qualifications
  • Skill Assessment Report
  • Educational certificates verified by recognised authorities
  • English proficiency test result
  • Health and the character examination report
  • Health Insurance
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Police clearance certificate with zero criminal records
  • Spouse skills assessment
  • Duly filled visa application form
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Documents of your spouse, minor children, or adult child if applying with your family

How to apply for Australia Subclass 482 Visa?

Below are the points required for the Australia Subclass 482 Visa application process.

  • Sponsorship application: Your sponsor must apply to become a standard sponsor, file an online application for support through ImmiAccount, and submit the necessary documents. The employer also needs to pay a sponsorship fee of AUD 420.
  • Labour agreement: Your employer should be a part of the labour agreements; if they are not, they must file an appeal to become a part of the accords.
  • Sponsor is approved: The sponsorship will last five years once your sponsor is approved. Then your company can file a nomination application for you to get this visa.
  • The sponsor nominates you for the visa: The sponsor files the nomination application. They have to nominate you through ImmiAccount and pay a nomination fee of AUD330. Sponsor pays the levy fund: Sponsors must pay the skills levy fund, which depends on the business size and the duration of the work time.
  • Apply for the visa: After the nomination of your sponsor is accepted, you can start your 482 subclass visa application process. Prepare your documents to submit online and then apply through ImmiAccount.
  • Fee Payment: Submit the payment fee to finalise and review your application. To know more about how to apply for a skilled worker visa in Australia. Please register with us today.

How Can DM Consultant Oman Help You Secure a 482 Australia visa?

We at DM Consultant Oman have a specialised team of qualified and experienced in-house best Australian immigration consultants in Oman working with our Australian-based lawyers. These experts are certified by Australia’s Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

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  • Our thorough and detail-oriented approach ensures our clients can obtain and provide all the paperwork needed and choose the Australian immigration program best suited to them.
  • Through our first-rate and comprehensive services, our consultants will help you secure your visa quickly and with a minor inconvenience and hassle on your part.
  • We’ll guide you through every step of the Australia Temporary Work Visa application process to ensure you fulfil all the requirements and avoid errors that can cause significant delays and further costs.

Skilled Migration Roadmap

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Frequently Asked Questions for Australia Temporary Work Visa

Australia Temporary Work Visa helps the government fill gaps in the labour market by inviting foreign skilled professionals. Employers who need help finding suitably skilled worker benefit from this program. The visa holder can reside in Australia for two to four years, depending on the stream. It has the following benefits:
  • Work, study and live in Australia for a limited time
  • Travel freely within and outside Australia
  • If eligible, apply for permanent residence
A Temporary Skill Shortage visa holder can include their spouse/partner and children in their visa as secondary applicants. The candidate can renew the visa many times, and there is no cap on this visa renewal.
The candidate's employer needs to apply to become the standard business sponsor of the applicant. The employer needs to nominate the candidate for the position. The applicant can then process the TSS Visa.
The Skilled Migration program in Australian provinces for 2022-2023 is open. Candidates can finish their skill assessment and enhance their language proficiency test scores as per the sponsorship. Register today with us for a FREE consultation with our Australian migration agents in Oman to learn further details.
You can check your eligibility with us for professional programs in Australia. Contact DM Immigration Consultants to carry out your skill assessment. The following jobs are in demand in Australia:
  • Certified Nurses
  • Teachers, trainers, and Educational assistants
  • IT specialists and Software programmers
  • Electric experts
The job market in Australia is very competitive; however, the labour market needs more skilled professional workers. Contact our experienced MARA-certified immigration consultants in Oman to find a suitable job.

Application Process

Lodge an EOI

The applicant must submit an Expression of Interest.

Receive Your Invitation

The Australian immigration authorities shall review your case and provide an invitation.

Submission of Visa Application

Upon receiving an invitation, a formal visa application will need to be submitted within 60 days.

Migrate to Australia

If your application is successful, DM Consultant shall provide you with all the necessary help to migrate to Australia from Oman.

We make the visa process faster, Our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities.

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