With the UK visitor visa, citizens of other countries can travel to the UK for several purposes within a short range of time. The United Kingdom is one of the most developed countries in the world. A lot of people visit the UK daily; some go intending to become permanent residents, while to others, it is strictly for a visit. People also move to the UK for short term business purposes, as a tourist, or to conduct a short-term study in any of the institutions.

The United Kingdom is indeed an economically developed state; it boasts of some of the best universities in the world, has exciting places for tourist attractions, and a buoyant economy that favors both small and large-scale businesses.

DM-consultant has successfully established well trained UK immigration consultants to assist citizens or individuals residing in Oman with their visit visa application. Our services range from counseling, prelanding services (visa application inclusive), and also, post-landing services to our clients who have secured their visa to travel to the UK.



The following are the Visit Visa options for individuals who want to travel to the UK either for tourism or visit:

Standard visitor visa

Just as the name implies, the UK standard visitor visa is issued to foreign citizens who want to visit the UK for business activities, to spend their holidays, for medical treatment or recreational activities. It cannot be used to work in the UK, and it has a duration of six months.

Short-term study visa

This class of visa is issued to individuals who intend to visit the UK for a short study. It has a duration between six to eleven months, and it cannot be used to get a job.


Transit Visa

Those who are on a journey to another country but will need to stop over at the UK airport needs to have a transit visa before they continue with their trip. It can last up to Forty-eight hours.


Permitted paid engagement visa

You can apply for this visa if a company in the UK needs your expert service. The company will need to give an invitation letter for this, and the permit can last up to one month.

Marriage visitor visa

The marriage visa is issued to visitors who want to either wed or marry the UK or non-UK citizen within the country. The permit cannot be used to work, and it can last up to six months.

Parent of a Tier 4 child visa

If you are a parent and your child or children is studying in the UK. You can apply for this visa to stay with your child over there in the UK, for a period usually between six to twelve months that.

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