Overview of the Australian Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189):

Are you interested in moving to Australia but have failed to secure employer sponsorship? Applying for an Australian skilled independent visa is a strategic step. DM consultants in Oman provide the assistance required to obtain an independent visa. To meet the skills limitations in the Australian labor market, people with special skills can apply for this visa. Sponsored workers are allowed to reside and work freely anywhere in Australia with this skilled migration visa.

Australia is well and truly open for business again and in need of skilled migrants, and this is reflected in the large volume of invitations the Department of Home Affairs sent out over the past several months.

If you have any questions or queries related to this program, you can book a free session of immigration consultation to learn everything about the best immigration program as per your positive points.

Beneficial Features of Australia Skilled Independent Visa

Australia is well known for producing highly competent individuals by providing opportunities and a dream career in an excellent atmosphere. It offers a high standard of living and a relaxed work environment to welcome immigrants.
Using this subclass 189 visa makes it simpler for foreigners with exceptional skills to enter the country.

You can take advantage of the following benefits as an Australian citizen or permanent resident if the Australian Department of Home Affairs issues a visa:

  • Be present in Australia when submitting the application.
  • Work, reside, and pursue your studies anywhere in Australia.
  • You can also sponsor qualifying relatives to obtain permanent residency.
  • If you are eligible, you can apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Children receive free education.
  • Obtain mortgage financing, health care services, and Centrelink social security.

Points System for Australia Skilled Independent 189 Visa

A minimum of 65 points must be earned by applicants on the point evaluation. The Department of Australian Immigration must send you an invitation to apply and an Expression of Interest before you can apply for the visa considering immigration points.

The applicant who matches the requirements for issuance will be shortlisted. The points granted will be used to evaluate the profile of the candidate.

Bonus Points for the Partner

The Australian Government will grant you an additional five points if you want to travel with your spouse, taking into consideration their skill level. Your spouse needs to meet the following requirements in order to receive those 5 additional points:

  • Maximum 45 years of age
  • English language ability
  • competent in all positions covered by SOL
  • Assessment of skills by the appropriate authorities in skill assessment
  • Maintain a qualified professional career

Eligibility Requirements for Australia Skilled Independent Visa from Oman

To initiate the process, candidates need to meet a few requirements provided by the Australian government, which includes the following:

  • Receive an Invitation to Apply for a Skills Evaluation
  • Achieve an eligibility threshold of 65 points and demonstrate a proficient level of English.
  • Fulfill the necessary skill requirements
  • Meet the standards for character and health.
  • No debt owed to the Australian government
  • less than 45 years
  • Signed and agreed to the letter of commitment with the Australian government.
  • No record of visa cancelation.

Coordinate with the top Australian immigration consultants in Oman with all the supporting documentation needed to proceed with the application.

Essential Documents to Apply for AU 189 Visa

Make sure that you have all the documents in place in order to get the Australia subclass 189 visa.

  • A properly completed Subclass 189 application
  • 2 photographs
  • Report on the Skill Assessment
  • Police-issued character certificate showing no criminal history
  • Certificate of physical and emotional health
  • Evidence of your relationship, if you are married
  • Additional documents, upon the case officer’s request for confirmation

It is necessary to meet the requirements of points score eligibility criteria in order to stay on track throughout the process.

Application Process for 189 Skilled Independent Visa

  • Check the Skilled Occupational List to determine whether your skilled job is listed there.
  • Arrange all the necessary supporting documents.
  • Our expert immigration agents can guide you to apply according to the laws of Australian immigration laws.
  • DM Consultant Oman follows up with government officials for regular updates.
  • The visa process can take around 10 months.
  • The Department of Home Affairs will give you the visa once approved.

How can DM Consultants Oman Help You Secure a Subclass 189 visa?

To make the procedure of immigration more straightforward, DM Consultant Oman will help you with the application process and provide the best Australian immigration services. The following are some of the services we offer:

  • Assistance with application forms and documents
  • Counselling for skilled immigration in Australia
  • Free IELTS training and study materials
  • Guidance for visa interview
  • Post-landing services for accommodation, banking, and job search

Skilled Migration Roadmap

Currently DM Immigration has two separate office in Qatar: Old Airport Road and West Bay. With any query we undertake, we strive to tailor our services to best fit the unique needs of our clients.
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Visa Filing upon nomination

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Pre-landing & Post-landing services

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Frequently Asked Questions on Australia Skilled Independent Visa 189

The Subclass 189 visa is a skilled immigration program that is based on points and allows talented people to reside, work, and study permanently in Australia. The applicant has five years to enter and exit the nation, and in order to re-enter as a permanent resident, they may need a Resident Return visa.
To apply for this visa, the candidate must have at least 65 points. Acquiring more points will improve your chances. To be invited by SkillSelect, the applicant must submit an Expression Of Interest. You have sixty days from the date of ITA to file your application for this visa.
An applicant can include a family unit in the application. You can: Include them when you lodge your visa application. Add them after you lodge your application before the Department decides on your visa.
All visas can be self-submitted, but as an authorised migration agency, we can tell you that migration laws and regulations are very complex and time-consuming. One mistake could cost you thousands and waste 1-2 years. We recommend choosing a genuine migration agent to seek guidance and get a professional document check to ensure your documents are of the required level for the Department of Home Affairs. Contact certified and licensed DM Consultants for guidance in the Skilled Immigration Programs.
A candidate must get at least 65 points to file an Expression of Interest. Your chances of getting an invitation after higher points depend on the number of applications received by the Department of Home Affairs with the same occupation.
Australian immigration authorities issue the skilled independent visa 189 for candidates whose occupation is in the Skilled Occupation List. The applicant needs a minimum of 65 points to be eligible for skilled independent visa. To improve your score and apply for an independent skilled visa, contact DM consultant Oman.

Application Process

Check Your Score

To qualify for this visa, the applicant must be applying under a job category that is listed on the skilled occupation list. The applicant must have a score of 65 or more.

Lodge an EOI

The applicant must submit an Expression of Interest.

Receive Your Invitation

The Australian immigration authorities shall review your case and provide an invitation.

Submission of Visa Application

Upon receiving an invitation, a formal visa application will need to be submitted within 60 days.

Migrate to Australia

If your application is successful, DM Consultant shall provide you with all the necessary help to migrate to Australia from Oman.

We make the visa process faster, Our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities.

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