Apply for Tourist/Visit Visa from Oman

Are you planning to spend your holidays abroad? Or a visit to western countries like USA, UK or Canada for business or to catch up with your friends or family? You will need a tourist/visit visa to travel to another country from Oman. A tourist visa is issued for successful applicants with short validity with the condition that they are not supposed to perform any other business-related activities while in the country under a tourist visa and show a valid return ticket.

Are you willing to apply for a Tourist visa from Oman to the US, UK, or Canada? The application process and the documents required differ from country to country. Noncompliance with the required terms and conditions will result in rejecting and denying a visit visa. So, it’s better to get professional assistance from DM Immigration Consultant, the tourist or visit visa agent in Oman, who can assist you in availing of a visit visa to your desired country. Schedule FREE Consultation to learn how we can help with your visa application process.


Select the Country You Want to Visit


The UK tourist visa permits non-EEA nationals to visit the United Kingdom for many purposes. This visa is valid for visiting family and friends, for leisure purposes, for medical treatment, or for attending business meetings in the UK. The Standard UK Visit Visa is usually valid for 6 months.


Suppose you choose Australia to visit for pleasure, a cruise or a business conference. We can help you get a visa in the required timeframe. You can also visit family or friends. There are various Australia visit visa options to choose from. You can stay upto 12 months, depending on the purpose of your visit.


Do you want to explore the beauty and landscapes of Canada? You can also apply for a visit visa to attend a business meeting in Canada or visit relatives. Canada visit visa through eTA is the option and is valid for 5 years from the issuing date or until your passport expires. You can also get a transit visa.


The Schengen visit visa allows nationals of non-European countries to visit Schengen countries (26) in Europe for up to 90 days within 6 months. Whether visiting friends and family or taking a leisure trip, the Schengen tourist visa is your gateway to Europe.


The United States of America issues the B-1/B-2 visitor visa. Generally, the B-1 visa is for travellers for business meets, attending scientific, educational, professional or business conventions etc. The B-2 USA tourist visa is for recreational travel, medical treatment, visiting friends or relatives, and fraternal, social or service activities.

What is a Visit Visa?

A Visit visa is a travel document that authorises you to enter a foreign country for a particular time. You must apply for a valid visa before travelling to your country of choice, either online or at an embassy, or consulate. Some countries also give option of visa on arrival depending on the agreement with the country you are applying from. Visas are normally affixed onto the passport and mention validity.

Most countries impose visa requirements for foreigners as a security measure which helps them to keep track of who enters the country and stop illegal immigration. Visas are also used as a defensive effort, stopping security risks from entering a country.

The application process and the documents required vary according to the country. Non-compliance with the required terms and conditions will result in rejecting and denying a visit visa. So, it’s better to get professional assistance from DM. Schedule FREE Consultation to learn how we can help with your visa application process.

Why Trust DM Immigration Consultant in Oman?

Applying for a tourist/visit visa to any country can be complex as it comes with a long list of documentation and eligibility requirements. DM Immigration Consultant, the legit visit visa agent in Oman, has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to assist clients in making visa applications faster and easier. Our clients rank us among the top immigration consultant in the Middle East due to our professional services, as we provide the best support to our clients with a success rate of 98%. DM-Consultant can help you obtain a Canada, Australia, Schengen, UK and USA Visit Visa from Oman through a cost-efficient and accelerated process.

  • Eligibility: We will evaluate your profile and check your eligibility based on your information.
  • Documentation: We will help you in the arrangement of all the required documents to avoid delays in the process.
  • Submit Visa Application: We will submit visa application on your behalf after proper review to ensure it is error-free.
  • Get Visit Visa: Our flawless services will ensure you will get the Visit Visa to your dream destination on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Visit Visa from Oman

The applicant who applies for a visa has to pay the application fee, which covers the cost of processing your application. This fee is non-refundable as the application is processed to a conclusion. If your application is refused, you can reapply for a visa. However, you will have to pay the visa application processing fee. While working with DM Immigration Consultants, the visit visa agents in Oman, there is less chance of visa rejection, as our visit visa consultants are well-versed in processing visa applications with a success ratio of 98%. In the case of visa rejection, we will assist you in reapplying in the future and getting it done without any hassles.
The minimum bank balance required depends on your stay in the specific country. While applying for a visit visa, you must prove that you have enough cash funds available to meet your expenses during your stay.
Yes, you can renew the visa before its expiry. But to be noted that the renewal charges may be applicable.
Applicants who are travelling to Canada from Oman must obtain a visit visa. Oman to Canada visa price depends on the visa's validity and the number of dependents added to the application. Please discuss with our visa agents in Oman to get a complete quote for applying Canada visit visa.
By obtaining a USA visit visa from Oman, you can – • Meet your friends and family members • Receive medical treatments • Attend weddings, social events, and family gatherings Please note that tourists are supposed to skip business meetings or conferences while on tourist visas.
To apply for a United Kingdom tourist visa from Oman, contact DM with the following documents: • Duly filled and signed UK tourist visa application form • A copy of the original passport with a validity of 6 months • 3 passport-size photographs • Bank statement to prove that you've enough balance between managing your expense. • Invitation letter from your sponsor (if any)
Complete the visa application form. Gather all the required documents, and visit the nearest embassy or consulate. Submit the application form with a processing fee. Schedule the interview, if any, and provide the biometrics if needed. Once the processing is done, your visa will be granted within 2 to 3 weeks. You can get support from Australian visa agents in Oman, as we can assist you in making your visa application process more manageable.
Applicants can submit a visa application at least 15 days before travelling to Schengen. You should apply well in advance to get a visa on time. You can contact a visit visa agency to get the fastest Schengen visa from Oman.
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