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Foreign citizens who want to visit Canada from Oman will require a Canada visit or tourist visa depending on their purpose of visit.
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    Foreign citizens who want to visit Canada from Oman will require a Canada visit or tourist visa depending on their purpose of visit. Today, Canada is known as a land of opportunities, and many people seek vital information on how to visit Canada from Oman.

    There are various reasons why people visit the country – tourism, short diploma courses, Business events, visit relatives, and other purposes. We at Dm-Consultant are pleased to inform you that we have a qualified, experienced, and specialized team of immigration experts registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

    Our experts will help to foster speedy processing, guarantee success to your application, reduce the risk factors, and enlighten you more on the procedural techniques and what to expect in Canada as a visitor. We are a trusted, reliable, and competent Canada immigration consultant in Oman.


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    How to apply for a Canadian visit visa from Oman

    To be eligible to apply for a visit visa to Canada, here in Oman, first, you have to be confirmed admissible into Canada. Being admissible implies that you do not have any record of criminal conviction or ban from the Canadian immigration office.

    The duration for the permits is six months, and there are two categories of the visit visa: First, Single entry visa, which allows you to visit Canada just once and leave as soon as it expires. Secondly, the multiple entry visa, which can be used to enter Canada numerous times, I.e., There is no need to apply for another visit visa to re-enter the country within the six-month duration.

    The application is purely electronic, and biometric information of applicants will be requested.

    Moreover, before you can apply for a visit visa you to fulfill specific requirements

    1. A valid passport which must be devoid of any criminal activities
    2. Show evidence that you have the required resources to go back home after your stay
    3. Be able to prove that you will exit the country after your visa expires
    4. Have financial backups and also provide evidence of accommodation arrangements
    5. In some cases, medical tests or letter of invitation may be required.

    Beat the Competition, secure a smooth application by choosing a quality Canada immigration services here in Oman. Contact us today at DM-consultant consultants, for a free guidance, and consultation regarding your application for a Canada Visit visa.

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