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Are you planning to visit European countries for an exposure trip? You can apply for a Schengen Tourist Visa, travel to at least 27 countries, and more on a single visa. Citizens of non-European countries wishing to travel to Europe for leisure or tourism may apply for short-term Schengen visas.

Schengen refers to the European Union’s (EU’s) passport-free zone that covers most European countries. It’s the most extensive free travel area in the world. With a Schengen visit visa, a person can visit any Schengen member country for up to 90 days for business or entertainment. This type of visa is intended for short-term travel.

Get in touch with DM Immigration Consultants to apply for your Schengen tourist visa from Oman. We have an experienced team of qualified visa agents to inform you of the options available and guide you through a quick Schengen visa process for Omanis. Schedule a FREE consultation now with our immigration experts to know how we can assist you in the visa application process.

Why Travel to Europe on Schengen Visit Visa from Oman

With a Schengen Tourist Visa, a person can travel throughout Europe briefly. No border restrictions exist throughout the 29 European countries that make up the Schengen area. Bulgaria and Romania are the new entrants, effective March 31, 2024. The Schengen visa also grants ease of travel to other European countries that still need to be part of Schengen and strengthens the travel bag.

The EU and Schengen Associated Countries consulates received more than 7.5 million applications for short-stay visas in 2022 and approved 5.9 million visa applications. Schengen States issued 2.4 million Schengen visit visas in 2021 and 2.5 million in 2020.

Schengen Countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Malta, Greece, Norway, the Netherlands, Iceland, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Switzerland, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Schengen Visa Categories

Get a visa for the Schengen countries where you want to arrive first or remain longer. It is a short-stay visa valid for up to 3 months in 180 days. A Visit visa for Europe takes 2 weeks on average to process. The specific embassy in question will determine the actual processing time of the visa according to the visa type and nationality. Generally, there are four types:


Transit or wait for a connecting flight at the international zone of an airport in the Schengen country.


Transit through more than one Schengen country. This visa is valid for five days.


Travel freely in the Schengen Zone for less than 90 days over a period of 180 days.


It is a national visa issued to foreigners for studying, staying, or working in a Schengen Area country for more than 90 days and may be up to one year.

Eligibility Requirements for Schengen Visit Visa

There are a few essential eligibility requirements for a Tourist visa to Schengen countries from Oman:

  • Citizen of a non-European Union country
  • Valid passport
  • Travel purpose and detailed itinerary
  • Coverage for medical expenses of at least €30,000
  • Financial sufficiency for travel
  • You can get your stay sponsored by friends or family or show proof of your confirmed hotel reservation.
  • If traveling for work, you must have a letter of recommendation from your employer and documentation of the company’s legal existence.

How Can DM help in applying for a tourist visa to Schengen from Oman?

We will book a biometrics appointment at the visa application center or the consulate in your area. Our team of experienced visa experts in Oman is constantly updated on the most recent travel regulations. Therefore, we can deal with any travel-related worries you may have and provide completed Schengen visa assistance in Oman.

Our Visa services for Schengen countries from Oman:

  • FREE counseling to explain the procedure for applying for a visit visa to Schengen from Oman
  • Assistance with completing the application
  • Provide individualised services and high-quality support.
  • Our goal is to provide every valued customer with a simple and effective Schengen visa application process from Oman.

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Candidates must go to the consulate of the specific Schengen country, such as Switzerland, France, etc. if they are landing in that country or staying for a longer period. Applying for a visit visa to Europe is recommended at least two weeks before the actual day of travel. You can book an appointment with DM Consultant Oman for the European visit visa information.
The Schengen visa process usually takes 15 days to process. However, you can seek the help of registered visa consultants to avoid unnecessary delays by ensuring your visa application is filled accurately, and easily explainable along with your supporting documents. According to some stats, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania have traditionally been the best places to get a Schengen visa approved quickly.
You can set up an appointment for your Schengen tourist visa application directly at the embassy or nearby consulate or through an authorised visa application center. Get in touch with us to know which country is the quickest currently to give Schengen visa appointments.
The Passport has to be valid for the entire period of Schengen visa validity. If your passport expires during your visit to the Schengen countries, your application for a Schengen visa will not be approved. In this case, renew your Passport before applying for a Schengen visa.

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