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The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s top destinations for ex-pats looking for a new life abroad. As a leading skilled immigration consultancy in Oman, we at DM Consultants seek to help individuals get work permits in the Czech Republic. For more information about the program, contact our immigration consultants today!

Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic offers many opportunities for skilled workers to work and live there. Also known as Czechia, it is a landlocked country offering higher salaries and a perfect balance in work and home environment.

It is amongst the safest countries in Europe, offering high living standards and excellent healthcare facilities at affordable rates. It also offers quality education opportunities for children, some of them free. A thriving economy, the Czech Republic boasts a perfect blend of culture and modernity. Following are the benefits of availing Czech Republic Work Permit.

  • Good business environment.
  • Standard living at a low cost
  • Low unemployment rate
  • High wages for skilled workers
  • Quality education system
  • A strong economy, in general

Main Features of the Czechia Work Permit

The government of the Czech Republic grants visas to overseas skilled workers hired by a designated employer in the country. The employer hiring a foreigner needs to convince the country’s Labour Ministry that only outside workers can perform the specific skilled work. The company gets the Labour Market Assessment document and gives it to the applicant to proceed with the work permit application for Czechia.

After the work permit is approved, the candidates can enter the Czech Republic on a valid visa and start their work with a new company.

To start with a Czech Republic work permit from Oman, an applicant needs a genuine job offer from a designated Czech employer. As a leading work permit agency, DM Consultant Oman can assist you in obtaining an Employment visa for the Czech Republic and help you work and live freely in the country. Our qualified staff guides you in the entire process of immigrating to an overseas country. Contact our experienced consultants today to get more details about the application process.

Select Your Czech Republic Work Permit Program

There are two employment visa types in the Czech Republic: An employee card and Blue Card.

Employee Card

This card is issued to work in the Czech Republic. It is a long-time residence permit that can be obtained by an employee who has been offered a job in the Czech Republic and who is willing to work there for at least three months. The card allows you to live and work in the country without being subjected to immigration control or administrative formalities.

Blue Card

The Czech Republic Blue Card Work Permit is a permit for foreigners who will be employed for more than three months in the country. This permit has been introduced to attract highly skilled foreigners and fill labour shortages in the country.

To learn the details of these two visa types, contact DM Immigration Consultants in Oman. It requires expertise from professional consultants to select the right category and make the work visa application process easy.

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Requirements for Czech Republic Work Permit

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country and a great place to work and live. A Czech Republic work permit is a document that certifies that you have the right to work in the Czech Republic under certain conditions. It can be issued by either an employer or a labour office. The following are the key requirements to apply for a Czech Republic Work Permit:

  • A valid passport or ID card with your photo
  • A completed work permit application form
  • Details of employment offer
  • Labour Market Assessment document from the employer
  • Educational qualification proof
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support oneself
  • Proof of health insurance coverage (if applicable)
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Work experience
  • Show intention to leave the country after the visa expires

Documents Required for Czech Republic Work Permit

The general documents required for Czech Republic work permit are as follows:

  • Complete application form
  • Copy of Passport with travel details
  • Valid Job offer from a designated employer
  • Cover letter mentioning the details of the trip
  • Character certificate from Police
  • Healthy medical report
  • Bank statement proving sufficient funds
  • Visa fees payment receipt
  • Passport size photographs
  • Valid return ticket

The application procedure for a Czech Republic work permit may look easy, but the entire process needs expertise. Arrangement of documents and clear communication with the immigration authorities are important for smooth sailing. Therefore, getting support from a professional Work Visa agent for the Czech Republic in Oman is a smart choice. DM is the leading Schengen and Czech Republic visa consultant in Oman.

Application Process for Czech Republic Work Visa

You can start the application for Czech Republic work permit visa online by filling out the application form and gathering all the necessary documents. The process can be strenuous and involves a lot of legalities. So, it is better to seek assistance from DM, who works with the licensed Czech Republic, or Schengen visa consultants in Oman.

The processing time of the Czech Republic work visa depends on both the employer and the employee. For employees to obtain work permits, the following documents are important:

  • Proof of identity
  • Accommodation proof
  • Trade license or company deed
  • Details of the business activity of the company
  • Job offer with description and duration
  • LMA document
  • Academic and professional qualifications approved by authorities
  • Visa and administration fee receipt

The formalities continue after your work visa application is successful and you have already landed in the Czech Republic. The new entrant has to register with the Foreign Police Department and provide biometric data to the Department of Asylum within 3 days. Registration at the Interior Ministry in the Czech Republic is also required within 30 days of entry.

Why Choose Our Czechia Work Permit Services in Oman?

The application for a Czechia work permit may be taxing and time-consuming in bid to arrange the required documentation. DM Immigration Consultants in Oman has the experience to process your application without major problems. We have a great reputation for successfully handling Czechia work visa applications. We provide:

  • Assistance in the arrangement of documents
  • Guidance in filling out the visa application
  • FREE counselling sessions on available options for you
  • Help in improving language skills and getting educational credentials authorised
  • Post landing services, like assistance in accommodation search, account opening etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Czech Republic Work Permit

The Czech Republic welcomes skilful foreign workers with valid work visas. Contact our expert visa consultants in Oman for assistance in securing a Czech Republic work permit from Oman. The Czech Republic is a decent workplace due to its deep culture, professionalism and handsome salary packages. The country has a strong economy, pleasant climate, good healthcare facilities and infrastructure for fantastic living.
The Czech Republic work permit requires the following documents:
  • Employment offer with details from a designated company in the Czech Republic
  • Labour Market Assessment document
  • Copy of passport with travel details
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Healthy physical and mental state
  • Financial statement
  • Payment receipt of Visa fees
Get more details from our Czech Republic work visa consultants in Oman.
The Czech Republic Work Permit is classified into two categories. Employee Card work permit allows foreigners to work for a particular employer. The authorities can only give a Blue Card work permit for occupations needing higher qualifications. There can be another option, an Intra-Company Transferee Card.
The Schengen visit visa is for entry to the European Union member countries (26), including the Czech Republic. The applicant can only work in Europe on a Schengen visit visa. You can work in Schengen country only after obtaining a legal work permit. The work permit documents are valid only in the country where they were issued.
The Czech Republic visit visa status can be changed to a work permit after getting a genuine job offer from a designated employer. To begin with, the application process for a Czech Republic work permit, contact the DM Immigration Consultants in Oman.
It takes 30 to 60 days to process a Czech Republic work visa. The processing time starts after you have finished your visa application and submitted your papers to the Czech embassy in your country. You must submit your application at least 45 days before your travelling date.

We make the visa process faster, Our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities.

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