Can you Apply for Canada Immigration Without IELTS ?

Language tests remain one of the essential requirements if you must move to Canada. For some reason, applicants get high points for their work experience, occupation, and even age. But are unable to attain a high IELTS score. This article will clarify the regular confusion as to whether you can apply for Canada immigration without IELTS or not.

You can only apply for Canada immigration without IELTS if it is a visit visa or low-skilled work visa (such as a caregiver). In such instances, the applicants must have a previous history of communication in English. With over 80 economic immigration programs in Canada, most applications’ success, to a large extent, depends on your ability to communicate in English.

It will go a long way in proving to the visa officer that you can communicate with friends, neighbors, and employers during your stay.

And this is because English and French remain the major language in Canada. The test consists of four categories: Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking.

Can you Migrate to Canada with a low IELTS score ?

At times, it may be challenging to get CLB-7 and above, especially if you are a non-native English speaker. Do not lose hope, there are still programs that select applicants with low IELTS score.

You can migrate to Canada with a low IELTS score using the Provincial Nominee Programs. Most of the provinces choose and nominate qualified candidates from the Federal Express Entry pool with scores as low as CLB-4.
So, there is hope!

One of such PNP programs is the Saskatchewan occupation-in-demand stream. To qualify, you need to have an existing profile in the Federal pool, and the province should require your skill-set.

Apart from having a minimum of CLB-4, you should also:

 Submit an Expression of Interest in the pool
 Get a minimum point of 60 out of 100 required in the grid.
 An occupation currently required by the province (NOC “A,” “B,” or “0.”)
 At least one-year full time working experience
 Have some funds to settle well in Canada
 Have at least a diploma or college degree

What is the Way Forward?

Now that you know that it is almost impossible to migrate to Canada without IELTS, we would advise you to gather the necessary resources and prepare adequately.

And in cases where you do not meet up with the high-test scores, try to explore PNP programs.

It might take a longer time to prepare for the test, especially if your previous degree wasn’t taught in English. But you do not have to put yourself under undue pressure.

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