Canada Immigration Point System

Through this article, you will understand the immigration point system in Canada and the programs that use this as a grading criterion.

In fact, this is the exact answer we give to intending applicants who are trying to figure out what the point-grading system is all about.

Australia, UK, and New Zealand also have various point-based immigration system. These countries established these programs with a common goal – to select highly qualified candidates that will contribute their skills to grow the workforce.

What is the Canada Immigration Point System?

Canada’s immigration point system began in 1967. It had undergone several reforms till 2015 when it became the federal Express Entry.

The purpose of the express entry program is to select skilled foreign applicants based on their personal and professional profile. These include age, education level, years of work experience, Canadian study or work experience, marital status, and fluency in English or French.

The IRCC uses a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to grade each of these criteria. The CRS score will determine if you will receive an invitation or not.

Before you can apply through the Canada immigration point program, you need to have at least 67 points. The IRCC will not assign a CRS score to your profile unless it meets the 67 benchmarks.

Here is the deal:

Select the right category under the Canada Immigration Point System – Express Entry

The immigration point system in Canada has three categories, namely:

Federal Skilled Trades
 Canadian experience class
Federal Skilled Worker
Each of these categories has a requirement. You can check this guide to help calculate your CRS score effectively.
Among the three categories above, the FSW operate a different point system. That is, age, education, among others, all have different points allotted to each.
And It is the most common immigration point system for foreign workers.
In contrast, the FST and CEC category does not work with a different point for eligibility. It is either you meet their requirements or not.
Find out more about Canada immigration points from our pages describing the express entry and CRS score points grid.

How do you apply for the federal Express Entry Program?

The first step is to check your eligibility. Once you get up to the minimum 67 points, you can proceed to create an express entry profile.

Ensure you get the following document ready before you start filling out the profile:

– Language test result (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or PTF)
– Educational Credential Assessment report
– Proof of marital status (if married)

Once you open a profile and fill the necessary information, you will receive a CRS score out of 1200. The government conducts a draw every two weeks.

During each draw, the IRCC determines a cutoff and candidates whose CRS score is above the cutoff are invited to apply for the pr visa.

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